& VILLAGE is a flexible space
which connects technology and people, regions and people,
wine and people, and people with people.

It is a space that can be used in a variety of ways, either as a work space (e.g. a conference room for meetings, e.g. a classroom for lessons, e.g. a salon for nail care, etc.) or as a leisure space (e.g. a cafe for tea time, a wine stand for a drink in the night, a bar for parties, etc.)
The space can be adjusted freely like a town hall in order to be used for different events or celebrations.


A place made to delight all five senses.
It can be used for a variety of purposes.

Party & Work

Space which can be used flexibly
to adjust for various functions.

The rooms can be used for a wide range of objectives such as a room for workshops, beauty treatments, classes, etc. Partitions can be moved to divide the space into suitable areas. Depending on your needs, you can use a small booth or reserve a wide section for an event/party for a limited group. Please feel free to contact us if you want to use the space.

Wine & Food

Space where you can enjoy
satisfying wine and bread

You can enjoy learning about many select, delicious Japanese wines through a special tasting system. Also, you can have new tastes reguarly due to tie-ups with various bakeries. We offer self-service so you can enjoy a relaxing time by yourself without hesitation, or you can book a place to enjoy yourself with friends (e.g. a party).

Event & Gallery

Space which features
the latest technology and art

Areas designed to display products made by creators, artists, and venture companies from all over Japan, and booths set up to appeal to consumers’ thoughts and feelings through photos and pictures. Interactive arts or collaborative products are exhibited so you can observe different crafts and machinery.

Nature & Relax

Space which allows people to relax

The space is made for people to absorb more details than simply sight in order to feel at ease. For sound, there is the best analog vacuum tube amplifier, and「oncraft」a round speaker made with expert technique. For smell, the space is particular about an air conditioning system, so you can enjoy feeling comfortable in natural smelling air.

& more...

How to use

How to apply

1. Enter your preferences for the following items in the “Contact form” on the website
・Usage volume  (Up to 7 Spaces)
・Usage duration and date/time (Up to one month)
・Number of people
・Usage purpose
・Contact information

2. &Village will send a confirmation of your completed application

3.  On the usage day
・Before usage: Show the notification you received from &Village and your personal identification
・After usage:  Pay the service fee
※ Applicants must be over 20 years old. (Personal identification must be shown)
For guests under 20 years old, a person who is over 20 years old must sign the notification and submit it to the reception.
※ Space cannot be used for any purposes different from the purpose of usage written on the application.
In addition, after submitting the application, you cannot change the person of usage and cannot transfer the right of usage to another person.

Usage hours and Usage fee

Weekday:  9AM-9PM
Weekend:  9AM-10PM
Irregular Holiday

※ Please contact us if you would like to charter the other spaces
※ You can use up to 7 spaces, and from 1 hour up to one month

Usage hours are from entrance time to departure time which includes preparation and cleaning If usage hours are extended, an extended usage fee is required for every 20 minutes

【Usage fee for one space】
Weekday 9AM-5PM: Regular 1,200 yen/h Charter 10,000 yen/h
Friday•Saturday after 6PM and Sunday•Holiday: Regular 1,800 yen/h Charter 14,000yen/h
※Sunday•National Holiday after 6PM: Please contact us

【Extended usage fee】
Weekday 9AM-5PM: 400 yen/ 20 min
Friday•Saturday after 6PM and Sunday•National Holiday: 600 yen/ 20 min
※Sunday•National Holiday after 6PM: Depends on the usage fee

*1. If you would like to leave items related to the usage, before or after, it costs 500 yen/week each 1m or 5 kg. (For items more than 1m or 5 kg, please contact us)
*2.  In addition to the usage fee, a portion of the proceeds will be charged (under 100,000 yen: 10% of proceeds,  over 100,000yen: 20% of proceeds)

・More than 4 spaces in one month: 10% discount
・More than 8 spaces in one month: 20% discount
・More than 12 spaces in one month: 30% discount
※Discount does not apply for charter usage

【Cancellation fee】
Day of usage: 100% of the fee

Please see the detailed “Usage Policy” below.



■ 営業時間

Weekdays: 9:00-21:00
Weekends and national holidays 9:00-22:00

※*Sometimes reserved for business. Please call & VILLAGE or check the homepage.*



■ Address/Contact

1-6-17, Ogami, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa-ken


■ Access

○Soutestu line

Sagamino station South Exit
8 minutes by bus, 3 minutes walk from the bus stop
Take Kanachu Bus 長24 for West Exit of Chougo station and get off at Terao bus stop
Take Kanachu Bus さ02 for Yoshioka Kogyoudanchi and get off Terao bus stop

○Odakyu Odawara line/ JR Sagami line

11 minutes by bus, 5 minutes walk from the bus stop
Take Soutetsu Bus 綾52 for South Exit of Sagamiotsuka station and get off at Ryouhoku Elementary school bus stop

○Odakyu Enoshima line

Chugo station West exit 3rd platform
18 minutes by bus, 3 minutes walk from the bus stop
Take Kanachu Bus 長24 for Sagamino station and get off at Terao bus stop


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